Leading Through the Enneagram Podcast

Mother of the Year, Lisa Graft (Type 2)

May 28, 2020

Lisa Graft is an emotional, creative, insightful, and encouraging storyteller. She
is a radio co-host on “Radio Theology”, 99.5 ZPL in Indianapolis. Plus, she’s a
writer and speaker, a dreamer and doer. 
Lisa is the Founder of the mama movement, I Am Mother of the Year.com, where
she’s building a tribe of moms who are encouraged, celebrated, and committed to
helping other mothers feel the same way through random acts of kindness,
vulnerability, and weekly content that captures the hilarity and honesty of

She’s passionate about encouraging women into healthier relationships with
themselves and others through authenticity, self-care, and grace while walking
alongside them to help uncover the truth and live out their true identities. 
Giving her inspiration and plenty of real-life and ridiculous stories to tell are her
husband Ryan of 10 years, and kids, Josie, 5 and Cal, 2.


Follow her on Facebook & Instagram: @IAmMotheroftheYear

Facebook private group for moms:




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